From Peaceful Waters to AWKA Force – Aquatic Classes at the Houstonian


Aquatic Classes pic
Aquatic Classes

Robert Johnson, of Vero Beach, Florida, is the owner of Stealth Self Health and the founder and previous leader of Yankiwi Sport, LLC. An expert in the fields of health and fitness, Robert Johnson also served as the chief exercise physiologist at the Houstonian and championed the idea of a personal trainer within his community.

The Houstonian is a hotel, spa, and club primarily known for its fitness services. The well-known Houstonian Club fitness center that was founded in 1980. The club focuses on a combination of elite services and personal attention and offers a large variety of services, such as child daycare and personal training, as well as over 200 classes.

Some of the Houstonian’s most popular fitness options are its aquatic classes. The club maintains four swimming pools of varying sizes that serve different purposes. In addition, the Houstonian offers over 30 aquatics department classes, ranging from light work in the Peaceful Waters class to the more rigorous AWKA Force class that brings kickboxing into the water.


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