Navy Seal Museum Features Many Exhibits

Navy Seal Museum pic
Navy Seal Museum

An applied sports medicine professional with experience in athletic coaching, Robert Johnson Vero Beach currently operates Stealth Self Health in Vero Beach, Florida. Robert Johnson Vero Beach also is a supporter of the United States Navy Seal & UDT National Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Established in 1985, the National Navy SEAL Museum and Memorial stands as the only national museum in Florida. The museum plays host to a wide variety of exhibits and artifacts, all of which involve naval special warfare and Navy SEAL teams in some way. The NAVY Seal Memorial, one of the most prominent exhibits at the museum, is a bronze sculpture depicting a modern Navy SEAL combat swimmer. Surrounding the memorial is a reflecting pool and collection of black granite panels, which honor those who have died in the line of duty.

The museum includes weaponry dating back to the early days of special warfare, as well as modern vehicles such as the SEAWOLF helicopter and artifacts from the space program. Visitors also have the opportunity to see beach obstacles from the WWII era and a model of the Bin Laden compound in Pakistan.


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