Riverside Theatre’s Distinguished Lecturer Series

Riverside Theatre pic
Riverside Theatre
Image: riversidelecturerseries.com

Vero Beach, Florida, resident Robert Johnson operates Stealth Self Health, a health and fitness company he founded in 2010. Alongside his professional pursuits, Robert Johnson gives back to the Vero Beach community through his support of several local organizations, including the Riverside Theatre.

In addition to presenting professional and children’s theater programming, Vero Beach’s Riverside Theatre conducts an annual Distinguished Lecturer Series, which features prominent speakers discussing a range of topics related to national and global current events. Approximately 675 theatre subscribers attend each lecture of the four-part series, and an audience of around 200 views the lectures via live simulcast.

Since its launch more than 17 years ago, Riverside Theatre’s Distinguished Lecture Series has hosted George W. Bush, John McCain, Benazir Bhutto, and a number of other prominent political figures. The 2016 lineup includes several notable names, including Condoleezza Rice, who will discuss global affairs during two lectures on March 14.


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