The Riverside Theatre – About Youth Programs

Vero Beach’s Riverside Theatre pic
Riverside Theatre

An experienced exercise physiologist, Robert Johnson is the owner of Vero Beach, Florida-based Stealth Self Health, which he founded in 2010. A committed supporter of organizations and associations in his local area, Robert Johnson is a member of Vero Beach’s Riverside Theatre.

Focused on engaging both children and adults in a complete theater arts experience, the Riverside Theatre was built in 1973. Throughout its history, the theater has hosted productions ranging from Broadway shows to performances by regional theater groups. It also offers educational programs to teach young people about and enable them to participate in the theater.

Led by experienced instructors, the Children’s Theatre has workshops divided by age for children between 2 and 17. Topics include performing, directing, and back-of-the-house technical work, among others. During a workshops’ six-week curriculum, a different focus area is presented in each class. Additionally, young people can audition for a part in one of the Student Series productions, which has included Into the Woods, the Lion King, and other plays and musicals.


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