About the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum and Memorial

The owner of Vero Beach, Florida, Stealth Self Health since 2010, Robert Johnson has previous experience with Yankiwi Sport, LLC, and The Houstonian, where he worked with private clients such as President George Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush. A supporter of the Lee Sargent Scholarship Fund through the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund, Robert Johnson also supports the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum and Memorial (NSM).

Located in Fort Pierce, Florida, the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum and Memorial opened in 1985 to recognize the history and legacy of the SEAL teams and their predecessors. To best represent Naval Special Warfare history as well as accommodate more than 60,000 annual visitors, the museum began construction of a new building in 2010 that brought the total size to 13,500 square feet of space occupied by video, interactive, and diorama exhibits. Featuring historic artifacts and reproductions, the NSM pays tribute to every stage in the division’s history, from World War II and Desert Storm to the space program and the raid on Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound.

The Navy UDT-SEAL Museum became an Official National Museum in 2007, although it still relies financially on private donations and fundraising events. Each year, the NSM sponsors a team-based Bridge Challenge with running, climbing, paddling, and swimming. It also participates in the annual UDT-SEAL Association golf and skeet tournaments and hosts a free Memorial Day ceremony. Additionally, people may commemorate friends or family members by having a name or reflection inscribed on one of the memorial bricks that line the museum’s walkways.


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