Boston College Center for Student Formation Enriches Campus Life

A healthcare industry executive based in Vero Beach, Florida, Robert Johnson now operates Stealth Self Health. In addition to his work in Vero Beach, Robert Johnson has also been invited to attend a commencement ceremony at Boston College (BC).

Boston College offers numerous opportunities for students to make the most of their college experience. Two of these extra-curricular options are the Freshman League and Halftime.

An all-male program, Freshman League is designed for first-year students. Participants join seven-person teams, led by upperclassmen “captains.” The program’s goals are to familiarize new students with campus resources, provide them with mentoring relationships, and acquaint them with the Boston area. The teams meet weekly during the spring semester to have informal discussions with the captains. The cost to join is $100, which goes to support monthly off-campus trips.

Another opportunity for involvement at BC is Halftime, a program in which students go on a three-day off-campus retreat to reflect on their past, present, and future. Participants forge new friendships, enhance old ones, and form key relationships with faculty and staff. Stories from retreat leaders help inspire students. Scheduled throughout the academic year, Halftime uses facilities in natural settings in New Hampshire and in Dover, Massachusetts.


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