Coaching Tips for Triathletes in Training

Vero Beach, Florida, executive Robert Johnson brings more than three decades of experience in sports medicine to Stealth Self Health. Robert Johnson has a wealth of knowledge about exercise regimens, strength training, and coaching triathletes competing at all distances.

To prepare for a triathlon, athletes should incorporate the following practices into their training programs.

1. Instead of focusing solely on the end goal, create micro goals that can be achieved throughout the process. Micro goals include fueling the body with nutritious food and keeping cadence. These smaller goals, when combined, prepare an athlete physically and mentally for a big race.

2. For a triathlete, the purpose of strength training is to gain power for competing, not flaunt it like professional weightlifters. As such, he or she should work out both large and stabilization muscles and ensure they use proper form at all times, in order to grow stronger muscles.

3. Becoming a better athlete does not require an excruciating number of drills. In actuality, it is more effective to complete drills that have a specific purpose and build strength in areas of weakness. For instance, the side-lying kick drill helps poor swimmers improve momentum by correcting their body position in the water.


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