Preparing for Triatholons

A Vero Beach, Florida, businessman focusing on health and fitness, Robert Johnson manages Stealth Self Health. Robert Johnson’s background in entrepreneurship also includes a period as owner of Yankiwi Sport, LLC, a Vero Beach company that coached triathletes ranging in skill level from novice to professional.

Triathlons are extremely challenging athletic journeys that require participants to demonstrate their swimming, bicycling, and running skills. People who have little fitness experience ought to begin preparing for a triathlon about six weeks before the event.

Often, people struggle during the swimming part of the competition, especially considering the swimming can occur in deep, natural bodies of water, like rivers. Athletes can prepare for the swimming portion by swimming laps in a pool. Later, prospective triathletes can practice swimming in a natural body of water to familiarize themselves with those conditions.

For the biking leg of the race, triathletes can aim at improving strength and stamina by combining high- and low-intensity training. Moreover, a person can get the feel for biking by first hopping on a stationary bike and then graduating to a bike track, which mimics the twists and turns that one might face during a triathlon.

Finally, novice triathletes can train for the running part of the race by starting off running and then switching to walking for a while. Over time, trainees will find that they can run longer and longer without having to slow down to a walk.


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